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The Agrisus Foundation – Sustainable Agriculture, is an initiative of the family of Agronomist Fernando Penteado Cardoso, founder of the MANAH Group (fertilizers and beef cattle) and its Executive Officer and Chairman from 1947 to 2000.

In a press release, Cardoso explained: “Agriculture and those involved in it provided me with a gratifying professional career in the fertilizer and beef cattle businesses, and it is only natural to be concerned about the future of this economic sector, whose stability depends on soil fertility and a favorable environment”. “The Foundation,” he said, “in conjunction with FEALQ, will help train researchers, teachers, extensionists and professionals capable of creating sound technology and promoting progressive, economical and stable agriculture to the benefit of future generations”. “The land,” concluded Cardoso, “as it has been said before, is a possession that we simply borrow from those who will succeed us.”

AGRISUS is an institution open to new participants. It has a significant and irreversible endowment whose income will finance teaching, extension and research projects related to soil fertility, which is the basis of a sustainable agriculture.

The Foundation finds it very important that the farmers are prepared to receive the next generation of genetically modified (GM) seeds, whose perspectives are invaluable. The farmers must, above all, have a good command of procedures of sustainable agriculture and put them into practice, in order to take full advantage of the new cultivars, which will provide food that is more abundant, healthier, more attractive, longer lasting and less expensive, to the benefit of the consumer populations throughout the world.


Board of Directors
Fernando Penteado Cardoso - President
Fernando Penteado Cardoso Filho - Director
Antonio Roque Dechen - Director
Mario Alves Barosa Filho - Director

Executive Secretary
Ondino Bataglia

Board of Trustees
Fernando Penteado Cardoso
Magdalena Leme Cardoso
Fernando Penteado Cardoso Filho
Francisco Antonio Penteado Cardoso
Rita Maria Cardoso Barbosa
Maria Magdalena Cardoso Veloso
Eduardo Penteado Cardoso
Maria Estela Penteado Cardoso


AGRISUS - R.da Consolação 3367,cj 71- 01416.904-S.Paulo/SP, fone 11.3064 8776 - site:

FEALQ - Av. Centenário 1080- 13416.000 - Piracicaba/SP, fone 19.3417 6600
e.mail: - site:

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