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By notice issued on November 7, pp the Director of ESALQ, Prof. Roque Dechen announced that the Luiz de Queiroz Medal 2008 has been awarded to the President of the Agrisus Foundation: Agr. Eng. Fernando Penteado Cardoso.

Created by the Governor of the State of São Paulo in Decree No. 11035, on December 29, 1977, the Luiz de Queiroz Medal recognizes Brazilian and foreign figures for personal merit and relevant services provided to the State in activities related to agricultural development. The Medal is awarded by the Director of the “Luiz de Queiroz” Higher School of Agriculture-ESALQ following a recommendation from the Medal Committee, subject to confirmation from the State Board of Honor and Merit. Since its creation, the Luiz de Queiroz Medal has been awarded to the following people:

1984 – Alcides Carvalho – Genetic Research into Coffee, Inst. Agron. Campinas-IAC.
1985 – Philippe Westin Cabral de Vasconcelos –Professor of Horticulture, ESALQ-USP
1986 - Salvador Toledo Piza Junior – Prof. of Zoology, ESALQ-USP.
1996 – Álvaro Santos Costa – Virology Research, Inst. Agron.Campinas-IAC
1999 - William Rod Sharp -- Rutgers Univ. USA- Biotechnology Research, ESALQ-USP.
1999 - Veridiana Victoria Rosseti – Phytopathology Research, Inst. Biológico S.P.
1999 - Shunji Nishimura – Private Sector – Jacto Agric. Mach. and Practical Agr. Teaching.
2001 - Marcilio de Souza Dias –Professor of Horticultre ESALQ-USP. (Posthumous award)
2005 - Roberto Rodrigues – Private Sector – Rural Cooperativism, former Minister of Agriculture.
2008 – Fernando Penteado Cardoso- Private Sector - Fertilizers, former State of S.P. Secretary of Agriculture.

The awards ceremony will be held on March 13, 2009 at the ESALQ auditorium in Piracicaba /SP.


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